Advanced Floodplain Management Concepts III Course (E284)

  • Monday, March 05, 2012
  • Thursday, March 08, 2012
  • FEMA Emergency Management Institute, Emmitsburg, MD

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Advanced Floodplain Management Concepts III course (E284).

Student Selection Criteria: Participants must be CFMs or have 2 years of full-time floodplain management experience.

The advanced courses are very interactive and provide an opportunity to share your hard earned knowledge and benefit from the experience of your peers.

The course covers the following five topics:

1. Floodway Standards (1 day). - Participants will explore the floodway concept and purpose along with higher floodway standards. Regulatory requirements and methodologies to comply with no-rise certification requirements will be reviewed and the various map change options for floodway modifications will be discussed.

2. Disconnects between NFIP Regulations and Insurance (1 day). - Students will become familiar with the basic rating elements, the effect of differences between Lowest Floor Elevation and Base Flood Elevation (LFE/BFE) in addition to compliance and rating elements for enclosures. They will also investigate rating differences in A-Zones without BFEs, the benefits and implications of dry flood-proofing and other compliance factors affecting insurance rates. Finally, we will identify resources for outreach and updates.

3. Common Noncompliance Issues (½ day). - The most common floodplain management compliance issues will be discussed along with effective messages, administration and enforcement measures to gain compliance. We will also look at ways to eliminate noncompliance and identify resources that the local Floodplain Manager (FPM) can use to help resolve existing violations of their floodplain ordinances.

4. Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) (½ day). - Participants will examine the purpose of floodplain mapping and discuss coordination of the mapping process. Identify how to gain public and political support for floodplain mapping. Students will have the opportunity to experience hands on use of DFIRMs and backup data in the computer lab and investigate map change processes along with the impact, and cost consequences.

5. Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage (1 day). - Substantial Improvement and Substantial Damage (SI/SD) regulations under the NFIP will be reviewed. SI/SD roles and responsibilities will be discussed along with how to administer SI/SD in participating communities. The significance of making SI/SD determinations will be examined and resources for SI/SD and mitigation assistance will be identified.

For additional information and to register for this course please complete the EMI application (form 119-25-1) found at the following web link:

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