NJAFM Webinar - Are You Thinking About a Stormwater Utility? - What to Do Next (2 Sessions - July 31 and August 7)

  • Friday, July 31, 2020
  • 11:50 AM
  • Friday, August 07, 2020
  • 12:45 PM
  • Virtual



Abstract – Are You Thinking About a Stormwater Utility? – What to Do Next

Presenter:  Elizabeth Treadway, Principal Program Manager, Wood

Session Length:  Two one-hour webinars (July 31 and August 7)

Continuing Education Credit:   1 Credit for the CFM and 1  PDH Credit for the NJPE for each of the one-hour webinars. 

For those wishing to receiving continuing education credit for the CFM and/or NJPE, a course evaluation form must be completed and sent to   A copy of the course evaluation form can be found here .  Course evaluation forms must be completed and returned no later than one week following a webinar.   Information on joining the webinar will be sent to registrants later this week.  Joining the Zoom meeting will be on a first come first serve basis.

Session Objectives: 

Session One:

  • 1.       Review Legal Basics to understand what the “Clean Stormwater and Flood Reduction Act” allows.
  • 2.       Understand why a community or agency may pursue development of a stormwater utility.
  • 3.       Identify success attributes for those communities that have gone through the process and survived.

Session Two:

  • 1.       Understanding the process of completing a feasibility study and why this is an important first step.
  • 2.       Understanding how to move forward if time is critical and a community needs to go to implementation immediately.
  • 3.       Understand what cannot be avoided; how to address all those who may not support the utility.
  • 4.       Review an outline of the implementation process used by many others to achieve flood reduction and water quality protection goals.

Session Abstract:

The Clean Stormwater and Flood Reduction Act empowers local agencies to shift their management of stormwater services into a business model, using the framework of a utility enterprise to address long-standing infrastructure and water quality protection challenges.  The Act sets forth the various options in the process of utility development and the two sessions are designed to give practical methods, tested by communities throughout the US, to achieve a successful outcome.  The political and operational challenges have been addressed over the past forty years by local governments and those experiences have resulted in a body of best practices upon which New Jersey communities can rely.

Presenter Resume:

Ms. Treadway brings 35 years of experience, as team leader and financial analyst, with towns, cities, and counties throughout the nation to effectively evaluate and implement stormwater utilities.  These sessions will offer insights, methods, and action steps to build a successful outcome in utility feasibility studies and implementation.  Stormwater utilities have transformed communities by providing the critical funding needed to mitigate flooding and address water quality protection.  These sessions are a stepping stone to success for New Jersey communities.  Ms. Treadway will cover principles to follow and a process that has been tested over many decades.  Ms. Treadway served ASCE for several years as a trainer in stormwater utility development, and the methods that will be reviewed have become standards of practice in utility design.

Ms. Treadway has experience including the management of local government services in solid waste and stormwater management including program planning, finance and long-range system master planning. She began her local government career for the City of Greensboro NC, bringing technical expertise in planning, cost and benefit analysis, management, scheduling, and implementation of a wide variety of public works initiatives.

In her current consultation role, Ms. Treadway has served numerous communities in analysis of services, program development and permit negotiation. She is skilled in stormwater utility development and implementation, organizational assessment, policy negotiation, community engagement, policy research and analysis, zero based budgeting, cost benefit analysis, revenue management, and capital budgeting.

Elizabeth served as President of the American Public Works Association in 2012-2013.

Wood Experience

Project Director, Allentown Stormwater Management Program Implementation.  Serves as the Director for a multi-year, multiple task program management support contract including the negotiation of a Phase I NPDES MS4 permit renewal, development of program strategies for compliance with the MS4 permit over the five-year permit term. Facilitates internal work groups and provides technical direction on public works services as well as policy regarding water quality strategies.  Leads a team of technical professionals from multiple Wood offices to support the development and expansion of stormwater services within the City, having implemented the Stormwater Utility for the City in 2017-18.

Senior Technical Advisor Stormwater Master Plan and Program Evaluation, Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania.

Ms. Treadway provided technical review, policy development and financial review of the updated stormwater management program, concluding in a Master Plan for Lower Merion. Ms. Treadway briefed the community and elected officials along with the Project Manager and technical team.  The Master Plan addresses water quality and water quantity issues including a long-range capital plan.

Senior Technical Advisor and Financial Analyst.  Stormwater Master Plan and Business Plan for Junction City, Kansas.

Ms. Treadway led the financial analysis and options evaluation for the stormwater and water infrastructure funding work for the Junction City, Kansas, in a two-phased project that resulted in an analysis of stormwater infrastructure master planning and business plan development to address long-term system improvements and operation, creating a model to project the long-term financial needs of the city for this infrastructure.

Professional Associations

·  Member, American Public Works Association

·  Editorial Advisory Board, Member, Stormwater Magazine

Areas of Expertise

·  Financial Analysis – Expert

·  Member – EPA Environmental Finance Advisory Board Task Force on Stormwater Funding Needs 2019-2020

·  Member – New Jersey Futures Advisory Council on Stormwater Finance


·       Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Hawaii

·       MS, Graduate studies - Finance, George Washington University

·       Graduate, Municipal Administration, University of North Carolina Institute of Local Government

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