Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for 2015 Conference Announced

NJAFM is pleased to announce the CECs obtained by the 2015 Conference attendees in the attached files for CFMs and NYPEs.

NJAFM reports all conference and cracker barrel CECs directly to ASFPM.  2015 credits have been reported to ASFPM.     

For NYPEs, NYPE certificates are separate from full conference certificates.  There is one certificate for each session attended as required by NYS.



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The New Jersey Association for Floodplain Management's (NJAFM) annual conference is the premier floodplain management conference in the Northeast. With nearly 500 members, this conference creates a forum for the region and nation's foremost experts in floodplain management.  


OCTOBER 20-21-22, 2015


New Jersey residents do not fully understand flood dynamics and floodplain management, and the actions they can take to mitigate impacts from flood events. This lack of understanding contributes to poor land use decisions, inadequate flood protection, insurance liability, threats to life and property, and the inability to engage in sound decision-making. Flood preparedness - including education, outreach and training on flood hazards and appropriate mitigation actions - is one of the most important initiatives to help protect people and property from the adverse impacts of floods.

Given the importance of education, awareness and mitigation, the NJAFM 11th annual conference will focus on lessons learned from past flood and storm events in order to highlight the importance of flood preparedness. To promote this conference theme, NJAFM is proud to produce a “Quick Guide to Floodplain Management in New Jersey,” which provides New Jersey residents with basic information to enhance their understanding of flood hazards, flood mitigation and floodplain management programs in New Jersey.

The Guide includes the following information:

  •         Understanding the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains
  •         Identifying flood hazards, vulnerability and risk
  •         Importance of floodplain management and regulation
  •         Community floodplain management responsibilities
  •         Floodplain mapping
  •         National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and associated requirements
  •         State and municipal floodplain management regulations
  •         Appropriate uses of the floodplain
  •         Flood mitigation strategies (building elevation, retrofitting, floodproofing, etc)
  •         Floodplain management resources and contacts at the Federal, state and local level

2015 Conference Agenda Click Here

2015 Concurrent Session Schedule: 

2015 Conference concurrent sessions 10-5-15.pdf

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